When thoughts and beliefs align, integrity is the best of who we are.


Thoughts and beliefs are defined in this article titled,

The Power of Beliefs: Understanding the Difference Between Thinking and Believing

‘ The secret to the power of beliefs lies in the confirmation of thoughts. When we confirm a thought, it transforms into a belief, becoming our reality and internal representation of the world. Beliefs affect our behaviors, thinking, and feelings, controlling our quality of life. Empowering beliefs lead to an empowered life while limiting beliefs have the opposite effect. ‘

We have the power of integrity and authenticity when we have an understanding of our goals, values, and beliefs then align our thoughts to reflect them. 


Goal Setting

In my previous post, I wrote about the need for our thoughts and beliefs to align as that is integral to whatever goal we aim for whether creating a successful business and/or improving our mindset. 



In that post I said,

“It’s a balancing act of alignment and action and that is the journey”

While we are working on our business (action) we want to also develop our wellbeing (alignment).

We need to believe in ourselves and this can be difficult particularly if we’ve had bad experiences but 

Everything is Connected


“No amount of marketing tactics or strategies can help us if we first do not work on ourselves.”

This is a quote from my mentor, Dean Holland in his book, The Iceberg Effect. 

He says attitude and mindset ‘significantly impact the outcome and results you achieve.’

I know this but sometimes I struggle even though I know that everything is connected. 


Growth or Fixed Mindset



In the book, Dean asks this question, 

“How confident are you that you can succeed?”

He suggests that if you are uncertain then you will probably not be successful.

He says,

“You must believe in yourself or you won’t take all the necessary steps to become a success.”

Read Dean’s book, The Iceberg Effect, and learn  ‘to rewire your brain out of the negative ‘I can’t do it’ mode to the positive ‘I can do anything I want’ mode’.

In our weekly coaching calls, Dean also reminds us to go at our own pace, just don’t stop moving.

Begin every day with positive messages, videos, or affirmations and believe I can do anything I want’.



Salma Hayek’s Ultimate Advice


Dream BIG,


Be Fearless.



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15 thoughts on “When Thoughts and Beliefs Align”
  1. Hi Eleanor!
    So true! Great words of wisdom. I just did a live 4 day event and alot of the emphasis was on positive mindset to accomplish everything in life, from business , to finances, to health, to relationships.
    It all starts from within! Keep up the good work Eleanor.
    Jim O’Brien recently posted…ConsistencyMy Profile

  2. Thank you for your post Eleanor.
    The mindset is responsible for 90% of our success, the rest is technical stuff. Surprisingly many people turn their heads around when they hear they must work on themselves more to achieve anything.
    A quote from Muhammed Ali summarises it best “It ‘s hard to be humble when you’re as great as I am”

  3. Beautiful post, so much great insight. I think that Deans’ words are powerful and true. “You must believe in yourself or you won’t take all the necessary steps to become a success.” Afilliate marketing takes hard work and will be met with many challenges, it is important to believe in yourself and that success is the only option in order to succeed.

  4. Great Post Eleanor,

    It’s so easy to head down the road of negativity.. And hard to keep myself focused.. But the group of people we have certainly make it less stressful and easier to hold on too.

    thanks for the reminder.

  5. Elenor,
    You hear time and time again that having a mindset that helps you grow is critical to success. My question is why do the majority of people focus on quick tack tics and blow off the training and growing the mind?

    The more I learn in my study of the mind, the more I’m convinced it is the key to success. I believe we do not spend the time needed to truly understand how the mind works and how it can propel us on the journey we wish to embark on.

    What tools have you found to help in training your mind? There are several that look interesting to research.
    Have an awesome day!

  6. After overcoming the struggles I touch upon in my first series of posts from the time I was a newborn when the medical staff didn’t think I’d pull through, I’ve believed in myself and my ability to overcome anything. Now 72 1/2 years later, I’m surprised and disappointed with just how hard I’m finding this Affiliate Marketing malarkey. But I KNOW that I’ll crack it in the end. How do I KNOW? Because I believe that I am capable of doing anything that I am physically capable of doing. I KNOW that I am no longer physically able to walk for more than a few steps without the aid of a stick or other support, but I also KNOW that I am mentally able to become a successful affiliate marketer. Good post, Eleanor.


  7. Great post Eleanor,
    Focusing on your goals instead of your fears is so true; yet we find so many excuses to look at the fears and unfortunately focus on what “could go wrong”.
    Being able to find a group of like-minded people, like the one we are participating in with Affiliate system, is definitely a great way to focus on what needs to be done and throwing away any fears we may have.
    To your success; to our success!
    All the best!

  8. Eleanor, thank you for the reminder. What you say is so true. I think the important thing, too, is that a person’s doubts and insecurities are always going to be there, so working on yourself is always going to be an ongoing lesson. Those beliefs have existed for a long time, so it’s a good reminder to work at your core to continue your journey to success. Sometimes, one wrong thing can take you back to where you were, but if you constantly strive for healing, you can overcome those negative messages. Wonderful post!

  9. Love the thought that you can plan all you want, but that it is only if you have worked on yourself and your own self-belief, will all that planning become effective. I need to keep working on my own understanding and my mindset.

    Thanks for this

  10. Hi Eleanor,
    Starting a business or even anything in life, if you don’t believe in yourself, and have a positive attitude, then it becomes very hard to accomplish anything! I always try to stay positive with anything that I do. Especially, with having 2 teenagers I try to set a good example for them. Sometimes it can be hard when life gets the best of you, but the goal is to not let that happen. This applies in business too. This was a great post! Thank you. BTW you changed your the appearance of your website I noticed. It looks fantastic!!
    Meredith Moore recently posted…Crafting And Completing My Link Tree & Venturing into Social MediaMy Profile

  11. Hi, Eleanor!
    I think it can be very hard to believe you can do something you’ve never done before, especially once it proves to be more challenging than expected.

    To be quite honest, I don’t know if I believe I will be successful straight-up. But I can tell you, I’m not going to fail. Lol!

    I feel challenged. It’s like I’ve been dared by someone to just try and succeed, and I’m not going to fail. I’ve put too much work in to stop. The challenge itself begs me to continue.

    This attitude can be helpful if anyone has doubts about their business success.

    It would be nice if I could tell you I have complete confidence in the unseen success I’m going to have, but I do know what I want to accomplish today. Focusing on that challenge is what keeps me going.

    I hope this second point of view is encouraging when the first becomes challenging; together, I think they ensure a successful outcome.

  12. Eleanor, I really like your quotes and inspiring words. The video that you put at the end from Sam Hayek is quite amazing and completely true. How people are treated. In one of my TiKTok videos this week I told a story of how somebody couldn’t pronounce my name properly. And I’ve got a lot of abuse and a lot of very unpleasant comments so peoples ignorance and prejudice will always be there so rather than changing them, I change myself so it doesn’t affect me. Thank you so much. Take care, Atif

  13. There are several things in my life I’ve accomplished, not only because I believed I could, but I never believed giving up was an option.

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