On A Mission

Hi, my name is Eleanor Hope and I am on a mission to build an online business in affiliate marketing and will share the journey on this blog.

It’s been many years since I turned to the Internet looking for ways to make money online.


At the time, I was for the first time, thinking ahead considering my pension & what that would look like when I retired.

Better late than never. I know… Ha Ha

I was in my late 50s when I began to research older people in retirement and was shocked to see how desperate a lot of people were living after having worked very hard for 40, 50, and even 60 years!

Ok, so I did panic a bit, I had worked most of my life but had not given pension benefits much thought!

Math and Money Skills

In retrospect, I realized that I had not given money much thought at all more than getting a job, paying bills, and spending money!!

That experience showed the tremendous need for math skills to be taught in school, specifically to prepare for the adult world!

I’ve heard about people who win a big lottery ticket and then become bankrupt. So there are skills not just for making money but how for managing your finances.  This is an area that I need to improve so I will be coming back to this topic again.

My Joys

I am a trainer by blood that is, I love conversations and the sharing of ideas. I am now retired from my day jobs that have been in Community Development, Mental Health, and Wellbeing, working in communities, local government, and the NHS.

I’ve studied Life Coaching and have learned from several experts from Tony Robbins to Christian Mickelsen, and Mindvalley to name a few.

I love music, writing songs, and learning guitar.

Affiliate Marketing

I came into the online marketing niche initially to learn to market my new coaching service and discovered affiliate marketing.

That was the beginning of a complete mindset change from employee to entrepreneur.

Coaching and Training Program

 Now, I am in an amazing coaching and training program called Beginners Advantage with Dean Holland and a supportive community that I trust will support me through this process of creating an online business in affiliate marketing.

This program is not available at this time but should it become available in the future, I will post details.

Meanwhile, I will document how it’s going and the steps I take to reach my goal.

Starting a new project can be joyful but it can also be frustrating and stressful particularly when something does not go the way we think it should.

Choosing FeelingtheFear Domain

Years ago, I read the book, ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway’ and I recently purchased the audio version to guide me through the obstacles I know I will encounter to achieve the goal of creating a successful online business.

I have learned that it is in the mind where most obstacles occur.

Feelingthefear is knowing we experience feelings of fear of failure, and/or fear of success that can be demotivating and a barrier to achieving our goals.

I am therefore excited and terrified at the same time!!

I am FeelingtheFear and taking the first step!

Posting at least once a week will allow me to share what I learn, the highs, the lows, the good, and the not-so-good……

I am

Stepping up one post at a time.