The Power of Ideas

For this week and next, I will be preoccupied, though when I missed a post one week in May, I decided that I would do all I could to never miss a week even if it’s a post just talking about this and that. So this post is about the Power of Ideas.

I’ve left my cozy home in Wales this week and traveled to the States to visit and spend time with my brothers and sisters, an annual event we’d started at the tail end of Co-vid. 

Before this, for about twenty years, we’d also organized family reunions.

This is a commitment that we’ve made and have carried through though it has sometimes been difficult for me and so as I traveled on this trip, I am listening to an audio on self-compassion.

Because let’s face it, families can be difficult at the best of times, we have our ups and downs.

The Power of Self-Compassion

So this audio by Laurie Cameron titled, The Power of Self Compassion takes us through a breathing exercise. 


‘Feel your body breathe

As you breathe extend your spine so that you are alert and relaxed.

Feel your feet on the floor

Simple breathing in and out 

calm ease allowing your mind and body to settle


Self-compassion is about self-healing as you take the time to care for yourself as you would a good friend.

We spend so much time in the ‘outer world’ of work and play and not enough in the ‘inner world’ to care for ourselves.


Family reunions are a powerful idea that brings people together with a sense of community and belonging, of history, and the sharing of stories, and laughter that strengthen our roots and the ties that bind us.

Through the years our reunions have kept us in touch, and that has become more and more valuable as time goes on. 

How A Business Grows

So today I just wanted to share this thought (the power of ideas) of community, commitment, and compassion and how it relates to creating and growing a business. 

Origin Stories 

Because the words community, commitment, and compassion are so similar I thought I would explore the root meaning of these terms.

The history of the word, community derives from the words.common, public, shared by all or many. A combination of the Latin prefix com- (which means “together”) and the word munis (which has to do with performing services).”

Community as one, coming together to perform a service. 

Commitment derives from the ability to give in charge, entrust,” to “unite, connect, combine; bring together.

Commitment is bringing together, to connect and unite. The best kind of commitment is something we do by choice.


The root word of compassion is to suffer with. or empathy.

When we have compassion we suffer with and have empathy for ourselves and others.

And Self-Compassion is ‘the desire for the self’s health and well-being’

So where am I going with all of this?

How A Business Grows and Goes

In business, there is sometimes a sense that workers, clients, and members are part of the family. 

So how do we incorporate the spirit of family within our business?


The Best of Both Worlds  

 In previous posts from, Living Our Core Values to Entrepreneurial Values, I grappled with another powerful idea, that of core values to shape a business’s identity, and was inspired by two companies, Patagonia’s and Ben and Jerry’s.

I also looked at understanding our own personal core values and found a great quiz to do just that in this post, Align Aspirations with Core Values

These companies found a way to incorporate their personal and professional values. 

I am on a mission to do just that!!

The Power of IDEAS Empowers US

Ideas are Powerful and Creative and Can Change the World

Ideas such as community, commitment, and compassion have power and can be reflected in creating and growing a sustainable business. 



I’ve talked about in great detail my why and purpose for growing a successful online business which is to create a well-being retreat.

Well, I’ve decided that I don’t need to wait for the physical building to have a well-being retreat.  Not yet sure how but as I am at the beginning of my journey, I’m starting now……


Our coach and mentor have set us up with a free new software, Skool that organizes communities, & event schedules together in one place.  Building Community.


Great Minds Think Alike……


What do you think of the concept that ideas have power?

Do you think of your clients as part of your wider family?  

As you build your business are you making time for self-care?

Please leave a comment. I want to hear from you

Dream Big,

Be Fearless. 



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4 thoughts on “The Power of Ideas”
  1. Loved reading your post! It’s awesome how you mix community, commitment, and compassion together. Keeping up with family reunions and bringing those values into your business is perfect. That breathing exercise on self-compassion sounds super calming and certainly something I should do more of!
    Thanks for sharing these thoughts and the reminder to take care of ourselves.

  2. Eleanor, First let me wish you safe travels on your trip to reunite with your brothers and sisters. Sounds like fun! When it comes to self-care, I think I’m the last one to receive that benefit as all the aspects of starting a business do require a lot of demand on us. I do believe that Ideas do have tremendous power! I wish you much success as you forge ahead with yours!

  3. Hi Eleanor,

    What a beautifully insightful post! Your reflections on the power of ideas, community, and self-compassion really resonate. It’s inspiring to see how you weave these concepts into both your personal and professional life. Family reunions and business values truly go hand in hand in building strong, meaningful connections. Thanks for sharing your journey and reminding us to take care of ourselves while nurturing our businesses. Looking forward to seeing how you bring your well-being retreat vision to life! 🌟

    Meredith Moore recently posted…Exploring the Magic of “The Iceberg Effect”My Profile

  4. Eleanor, your focus on the Power of Ideas is truly inspiring. Your dedication to never missing a weekly post, even amidst travel, reflects a strong commitment to your audience and yourself. I admire how you integrate self-compassion into your journey, emphasising the importance of caring for oneself amidst family and business responsibilities. Incorporating values like community, commitment, and compassion into business growth not only fosters loyalty but also creates a nurturing environment for both clients and team members. Your initiative to start building your well-being retreat now, using available resources like Skool, shows true entrepreneurial spirit. Keep dreaming big and being fearless – your journey is an inspiration!

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