Words of Wisdom  

This week I discovered that setting goals for well-being is doing what you love helps create a happy life.

Are these words of wisdom or what?  

I experienced new ideas, dreams, and an appreciation of our creative human spirit. 

Setting goals can create well-being.

Doing What You Love

I attended an art gallery with a few friends the other day for a talk about an artist.


The talk was titled,  ‘Colour is my life, I could eat colour’, presenting the life and work of a Welsh artist Glenys Cour, born in 1924 and yes, she is 100 years old !!


When I saw her paintings, I thought to myself, Oh Yes. I can eat those colors!!



A few days later, I attended a MultiMedia community workshop where I created art for the first time since childhood.


First, we glued newspaper strips onto card paper, took thin mesh paper, and glued it over the newspaper. Bottles and fruits on the table were to be viewed and then layered on top and glued using card paper.


I did not intend to share what I did but as this is my feelingthefear blog, it does not feel right to not do it.


Let me know which one you think is mine.  Haha.


The teacher was knowledgeable and approachable and towards the end of the session,


I was able to put aside my discomfort and became absorbed in painting.


She pointed out what she appreciated in each of our pieces.


These two events inspired me as I have always had a desire to paint but never felt able to.


The closest I’ve ever come to this is my photographs of sunrises and sunsets.

Find Your Life Balance


It is important to recognize each aspect of ourselves is interconnected and can impact other parts of ourselves.


The above artist, Glenys Caur is alive today and painting still at 100 years old and it feels like it is because she loves what she is doing.


Imagine living a life where your life’s work is your eternal joy.


Think about this as you set your goals


Setting Goals For Wellbeing


When setting goals we need to have clear personal and business goals.


What goal do you have regarding your health and your creativity?


Have you set goals to prioritize your relationship with family and friends?


What are your business goals?


Setting goals for well-being, doing what you love, and working to achieve them helps define what you truly want.

Are these words of wisdom or what?


Be Fearless,




What do you think?


Is it important to have a life balance and enjoy living?


Do your goals and values reflect a balanced life?


Please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.



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17 thoughts on “Setting Goals for Wellbeing”
  1. This post was just fun and relaxing to read! I am color blind, so I have always had a difficult time seeing art like others, but I do see it in my own way which is unique and special to me. Your “Live Life in Living Color” questions are good ones and something that I believe will create healthy conversations between my wife and me as I venture out in this business. Thanks for this great post!

  2. Eleanor, you are always a ray of sunshine and it shines right through onto your posts. I appreciate the reminder that we need to appreciate and show gratitude to the “simpler” things in life… which is married to finding balance in life. This resonates so much with me; I recently had to make the tough decision to leave my previous career because I didn’t have that balance in my life, and I simply wasn’t happy. I feel now I’m on a mission to help others come to the same realization, should they need to. Thank you for the wonderful post, it was truly heart-felt.

  3. It is important to put yourself out there even for items such as painting. I enjoyed the graphic and splashes of color. The more you face your fears the sooner they disappear. Nice job

  4. Eleanor, I am a little confused about your niche. By that I see fear as your blog and people seeking relief from pain. But in this post it appears you experienced pleasure and passion so how does your product offer content connect with your audience? In other words what is your niche? What are your SEO blog keywords?

  5. Eleanor,
    Absolutely, finding a balance between work and personal life is crucial, and having clear goals makes a big difference. Kudos to you for stepping out of your comfort zone and taking up painting! It’s such a relaxing and enjoyable activity. I hope you’ll keep it up and continue to find joy in it.
    Sherri Pulcino recently posted…Just Keep Going!My Profile

  6. Eleanor, work, life balance is what this is all about. The reason I’ve started affiliate marketing is for that as it will allow us to earn money and have more time to do the life stuff. Whether that’s spending time with family, doing charity work or visiting car shows and museums ( that’s what I’ll be doing). so absolutely work life balance is very important because otherwise we’ll carry on working hard to just to raise tax for the government and will be too old when it’s time for us to enjoy it. Thanks Atif
    Atif Perwiz recently posted…Unlock both locks on the door if you want success in Affiliate MarketingMy Profile

  7. Hi Eleanor,
    Love this blog! Living life as if every day was the last.
    So many around me have lost that way of thinking; they seem to think that tomorrow is so important. But as we learn, tomorrow never comes; it just becomes today.
    Living life in colour and with a smile on your face – that HAS to be the perfect way to start and end each day.
    Another song full of what I try to live my life by: “I hope you dance” by Lee Ann Womack. Words so strong to live by!
    All the best!

  8. Eleanor,
    It’s especially important to have a balance in life. If you can’t take the time to do the things that make you happy, then nothing good will come of that. Our minds need to breathe a bit occasionally. I know when I’m writing my post sometimes, I get overwhelmed, so I must take a break from it and do something I like to clear my mind from the frustration, and then come back to finish. It works every time! Great post!

  9. Hi, Eleanor! I love your post! I, too, have a thing for color. I’m super sensitive to them.
    My main why for my business is based on my personal life. I want to be able to enjoy my family more time-wise and make sure our needs are met. Business-wise, I want to help people who have health problems and are limited to making money online do so successfully. I want my own family and others to be able to live happily without the fear or concern of where the money is going to come from. Surely, one doesn’t need money to be glad, but it is needed.
    What is your favorite color? Mine is lilac 🙂
    Nakina Lawson recently posted…Five Steps to Add Social Sharing Buttons To Your BlogMy Profile

  10. Certainly it’s important to have goals that help us enjoy life and keep our life balanced, otherwise what’s it all for? And I think it’s good for those goals to challenge us to get out of our comfort zones and do the things we want to do but are afraid to try.

    I like the mixed media piece you did. Nice use of color. I used to do a lot of watercolor painting and it’s something I’d like to get back into.

  11. I, too, agree that having a healthy life balance keeps us all grounded. I think it’s fabulous that you have a creative outlet other than writing to provide a unique insight to who you are and the many facets to your personality. Great job!! I’m a little jealous because I am so critical of myself and could never create something from imagination or feeling without feeling judged. I don’t know if I could ever get enjoyment from it, yet I am in awe of those who can. You keep doing you…

    1. My advice is not to overthink it all. Paint when you want to paint, pick up the training when you want to train. Don’t take life too seriously and be happy. If you’re enjoying your journey then you’ve cracked it. If you put pressure on either, the enjoyment goes. Always go back to your WHY.
      You may even find than when you paint and relax you’ll think of a $1m idea and not stop. You’ve been through a lot with the passing of your friend, so sit back, and enjoy every moment of whatever you want to do- just be happy x

  12. Eleanor, sorry to hear of your loss. That is always painful when we loose loved ones.
    Yes, I believe, as I just wrote a similar Blog Post, life needs to be lived in the perfect balance. Then we walk in Peace.
    Stay focused on your success!


  13. I believe the creativity of painting and other artistic pursuits help with your affiliate marketing activities. The brain thrives on this sort of balance. Go where your intuition leads. When you get back to Affiliate Marketing, you will be inspired to continue.

  14. Eleanor, I think it is important to have a balance and enjoy life! Spend as much time as you can doing the stuff you love and be present and in the moment when your with friends and family. It is equally important to make sure you consistently spend an hour each day taking one step forward to make money online! It doesn’t matter how long it takes to get there, just that you do, and as long as you continue moving forward, you will get there, no matter how many small steps it takes!

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