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Power of Ideas2

Am still on holiday, so I thought to review my previous post on the Power of Ideas which explores how ideas shape our personal lives and business endeavors.   

 Ideas as Catalysts for Change

Ideas have the potential to transform our world, especially when they are rooted in strong values. I focused on Community, Commitment, and Compassion.

My desire to start a well-being retreat, without waiting for a physical space (discovered in the previous post) was for me a powerful idea and a commitment to a vision, to build a compassionate community.

It was a reminder that we don’t need to wait for perfect conditions to begin—we can start small and grow from there.

The Power of Self-Compassion

For me, well-being starts with ourselves. As stewards on the plane instructing us to place a mask over our face before placing it on others is to put us on notice that we must care for ourselves before we care for others.

 Self-compassion is a practice that many of us often neglect. The breathing exercise was a simple yet powerful tool to bring calm and focus back into our lives.

Taking the time to care for ourselves as we would for a good friend is a vital message, in today’s fast-paced world.

Community and Family Reunions

I am on holiday with my siblings so I focused on the power of community.

Family reunions are a testament to the strength and importance of community.

These gatherings not only help maintain bonds but also provide a sense of belonging and continuity. In our increasingly digital world, maintaining such traditions becomes even more significant.

They remind us of our roots and the shared stories that bind us together.

I am back in NY from a road trip with my siblings from Philadelphia to DC.  

We rented a van so that we were all together on the road and traveled to Cape May, sat on the beach and then the following day to DC.

So powerful it was, we talked about many things and there were conversations that we had never discussed before. It was pretty amazing.

Right now the communication is so grand that it seems that there is no topic that we cannot speak on, which to me is the best thing ever.

Not that we agreed on everything but we are learning to listen to each other and in areas, where we don’t agree, we are agreeing to disagree and that I think is a miracle.

So I think I must add communication to this list of powerful ideas and again see that it must share a common link to community, commitment, and compassion!

Origin Stories and Core Values

Exploring the roots of words like community, commitment, and compassion added depth to my understanding of these concepts.

It was fascinating to learn how these three words inherently embodied the principles of togetherness, unity, and empathy.

Now as I investigate this fourth-word communication, I discover that its root is also linked to the others, for it meansto share or to make common’. 

This holiday seemed like a spiritual journey, one we were unsure to have ever happened since our parents passing in 2008 and 2011. Now I see so much potential in the legacy they have left us and one that we are passing on to the next generation.

Connecting Family Values to Business Growth

My journey to align personal and professional core values, was inspired by companies like Patagonia and Ben & Jerry’s, and is about finding those connections that are both challenging yet rewarding, a path that will lead to a more fulfilling and purpose-driven business.


 The parallels between family values and business growth around community, commitment, compassion, and communication, are foundational for building a sustainable business. These values create a nurturing environment for employees and clients, fostering a sense of family within the business. 

When personal goals are incorporated into business goals, it gives me a sense of community, integrity, and well-being.

I feel well on our journey of health and healing and the beginning of the power of ideas, the power of story.


Please leave a comment. I want to hear from you!

Dream Big,

Be Fearless. 



6 thoughts on “Power of Ideas2”
  1. Hi Eleanor,
    Great post! It’s so awesome you’re having such a positive experience on your family retreat!
    I also believe taking care of ourselves is so important. I was raised in a family and culture that was a “Martyr mentality”, helping others even if your so drained before helping self. The intentions behind this in my family I understand it’s out of love, but I learned I can love more when I care for self first. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  2. What a wonderful opportunity you had to share that journey with your family. You clearly got a lot out of it and will have happy memories for years to come. I’m glad that the retreat dream is still uppermost in your mind. I am sure with your perseverance and great mindset that you will achieve it.

  3. Eleanor, It is so good to hear that you are having such a meaningful time with your family on your holiday! I think you made a good choice to add communication to your list of the powerful ideas. This will also fit very well with the business core values. Enjoy the rest of your time here in the states! Look forward to more of your posts.

  4. Hi Eleanor,

    Your blog post was so heartwarming! It’s wonderful to see how your holiday with your siblings led to meaningful conversations and strengthened your bond. I really admire how you connect family values with business growth, highlighting the importance of community, commitment, compassion, and communication. I think they’re all very important. Looking forward to hearing more about your journey ahead!

    Meredith Moore recently posted… When to Get a Business License for Your Affiliate Marketing BusinessMy Profile

  5. Hi Eleanor, Caring for ourselves is so important but at the same time so much overseen or neglected. We are taught to care for others and most of the time we struggle because we don’t even understand ourself. Values like communication, commitment, and compassion are pretty much means to better understand, care, and learn to be a better person. Isn’t compassion indeed how we transpose ourselves in others? Communication is exchanging with others right? And commitment, is a mesure of our devotion to others as well. As you said, these words speak for themselves and are thighly intricated into each others. I believe that their powers comes from what they bring to us in terms of wellness and feelings of acceptance and accomplishment.
    Good inspirational post indeed Eleanor.👍

  6. Eleonor, congrats on the retreat. I’m leaning like you, sometimes you just have to move ahead even when everything is not perfect. The pieces will fall into place as long as you can continually adapt to the circumstances of the day.
    I’m glad you talked about the importance of family reunions. Our 50th is coming up in a few weeks. I chose not to go for a lot of reasons. I’m trying to find reasons to go back to them and reading about the importance in your blog helps.

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