My Goal


I am on a mission to build an online business, documenting the journey in affiliate marketing on this blog every step of the way.

I’m on affiliate marketing training as these are the core skills for any business online.   

Learning something new can be exciting but it can also be frustrating and stressful particularly when something does not go the way we think it should.


There Will Be Trouble Ahead


There will be roadblocks ahead and I know that there will be discouragement or distress.


Years ago, I read the book, ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway‘ and used it in my life coaching practice.


Now I’ve purchased the audio to help me in this new project to overcome obstacles that I will encounter as I work towards achieving my goal.


I am feeling the fear and taking the first step!


Step One: Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses


I am a trainer by blood that is, I love helping people, conversations, and the sharing of ideas.

but I don’t much like math. I never felt that I was good at it.

There is a tremendous need for math skills; i.e. money management to be taught in school to prepare for the adult world!


Without knowing ‘your numbers’ your business foundation is not solid.


This is an area that needs exploring and will be in future posts.


Identifying strengths and weaknesses, and where you need to improve can be difficult as sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know!


However, I have a mentor/coach and a supportive community that I trust to guide me through this process of creating an online business.


Step Two: Have a Plan


Feeling the fear is knowing we will experience feelings of fear of failure, and/or fear of success when learning something new can be demotivating and an obstacle to achieving our goals.


I am excited and terrified at the same time!!


Posting at least once a week will allow me to share what I learn, the highs, the lows, the good, and the not-so-good……


I am stepping up… one blog post at a time,


Feeling the fear and doing it anyway

4 thoughts on “On a Mission”
  1. That’s a good start Eleanor! I think it is OK to have a little fear about doing something so that we don’t take it too lightly. Fears become dangerous when they stops us from reaching our goals. It’s OK to have fears but it’s not OK to let fears control us.
    Nice post!

  2. Hi Eleanor,
    You have a good positive perspective about starting business and are determined to overcome fear and that is awesome!! I’ve been hitting some fears also and there is only one direction and that is forward through it! I wish you great success as you work through your business and look forward to watching you advance and you future posts. All the best!

    1. Thank you Denny,
      I do appreciate your kind words. I think your attitude is exactly the way we need to be able to view a setback or difficulty. I know you will breakthrough!

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