Living our Values

What is the relationship between who we are and our core values?

In the previous post, titled, The Power of Transformation the question of ‘values’ came up after calculating my life by design budget

I began to reconsider whether I needed a million dollars or 38 acres for my educational and well-being retreat or if it was greed.   

 This was laid bare when I felt a sense of discomfort and contradiction between 1 million dollars and what I believed in and what I valued. 

Crack the Code

I had to crack the code and move out of my comfort zone, in my life-by-design budget, and for me, that number was a million dollars.  

I had to break through a glass ceiling, I had presumed on myself, so setting my number at a million dollars was exactly what I needed to do.

Define my budget and come up with a number that pushed me out of my comfort zone, and through limiting beliefs and barriers. 

To dream the impossible dream and the budget to make it so. 

The purpose of the exercise (in my opinion) is to rediscover those dreams we may have locked and buried away.   

Now I need to figure out how that number fits in with my aspirations and values so that my life and business are coherent and sustainable.

Core Values

Core values are ideas and concepts we grew up with, that we mimicked from our family, school, the church, our peers, and relationships that influenced us.

They are fundamental beliefs that guide our actions, decisions, and behaviors.

They represent what we stand for, influence how we interact with others, and navigate life’s challenges.

These are often deeply ingrained, below the surface, sometimes unaware, and reflect our sense of right and wrong,  shaping our worldview and priorities.

As we grow we may choose to keep a belief or discard if we no longer believe.  

What we believe may not be so

We tell ourselves all kinds of things and of course, as it relates to money also. I’ve mentioned in my story and my first post, that certain subjects are not part of the educational curriculum.

Coupled with the lack of information in school, it would be left to our upbringing, and if your family was involved in a business you might get more exposure to finance and management. Still, as it was not considered polite to talk about money, we more likely have a distorted view.

Much of it may be cultural, but how many of us can remember a parent/guardian saying ‘Money does not grow on trees‘?

When we stop and consider this statement, there is an underlying belief that suggests that there is a limited amount of money.  

Is that true? I don’t know but it is true if you believe it.

Core values, business culture, and overall success

Understanding our core values is essential for personal growth and professional success, as they provide a consistent framework for making decisions and setting goals.

 They help establish a clear vision and mission and build trust with our customers.

 To uncover our core values, we can reflect on past experiences that were particularly meaningful or challenging.

Consider what motivated you, what principles you believe in, and how these experiences shape your outlook on life and work.

Example of Core Values

Dependable, Reliable, Loyal, Committed, Consistent, Open-minded, Honest, Efficient, Innovative, Creative, Motivated, Positive, Optimistic, Inspiring, Passionate, Respectful, Athletic, Courageous, Nurturing, Adventurous


Examples of financial values are freedom, security, legacy, generosity, or experiences.

These are some examples of values you could use as an exercise to sit quietly or walk in nature and listen to how the words resonate with you and choose what words you feel and write them down.

Another exercise is in this article, Five Steps to Discover Your Money Values 

  • What is important to you? Think health, family, spirituality, career, adventure, stability, peace of mind, community, education, and more.
  • Who is important to you? Think of certain relatives, friends, community members and groups, pets, and other animals.
  • If you had all the money in the world, how would you spend your time? 
  • If you could move the dial in one or two areas to change the world, what would they be?



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Dream Big

Be Fearless. 



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10 thoughts on “Living Our Core Values”
  1. Eleanor,
    We build our core values as a child and as we grow. That is what defines each person. Yes understanding our core values is essential for personal growth and growth in our business.

  2. Hi Eleanor,
    A very though provoking and enlightening post!
    First time I went through a process like this was when I went to college at 33 years old.
    I went through a course that had a segment about values and beliefs and wow was I challenged.
    It was draining at first, then very liberating, knowing that I had the power to identify and change any limiting beliefs. Afterwards, I made it a habit to do this every few years. Negative experiences can creep in and subtly form hindering beliefs, if we are not on guard to catch it. Better to catch it and change sooner than later 🙂
    Great post Eleanor!

  3. Eleanor, It’s fascinating to see how our core values shape our perspectives and decisions, especially when it comes to financial goals. Your reflection on the discomfort between your aspirations and values is thought-provoking. Understanding our values is indeed crucial for aligning our lives and businesses with what truly matters to us. Looking forward to the continuation of your exploration on this topic! thanks, Atif

  4. Congrats on cracking the code and moving outside of your comfort zone. I hope you are able to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Your blogs are always a pleasure to read and are so thought provoking.

  5. I think Vanessa Lea has it right in her response to your brilliant piece of introspection with regard to ‘Core Values’ and setting goals, when she says that this means different things to different people.
    For myself, the emphasis on finances is restrictive and makes us play the game that the 1% want us to play! We live in a world where power is not shared equally amongst communities and people may not be free to reach their full potential because of this. Having said this, the best journeys are the ones we take inside our heads, and the power to dream can turn societal tides – just read some of Martin Luther’s oratory. But change doesn’t come without sacrifice and pain. If core values concern striving for a better world, then sacrifices need to be made. The status quo must be challenged and living your best life will come from inside you and not from entering into the mindset the 1% has sculptured for you. I truly believe that core values and beliefs are are some of the things that just cant be bought.

  6. Thank you for sharing such a thought-provoking reflection, Eleanor! It’s fascinating how our core values shape not only our decisions but also our perceptions of wealth and success. Your journey to reassess your life-by-design budget and confront the notion of “enough” resonates deeply. It’s true, our upbringing and cultural influences often instill certain beliefs about money that may not align with our true values. Your insights on cracking the code and understanding our core values are invaluable for personal growth and aligning our actions with our principles. Looking forward to the continuation of this enlightening discussion! 🌟

    Dream Big,

  7. Core values have been a help to me as I sort out what is or is not important to me. Since starting on the Affiliate Marketing program with Dean and Team, I’ve thought about it, again. I’ve seemingly done a life review on my You Tube Channel, which has been meaningful to me and my generation. I believe it is important to be honest about our vulnerabilities. The ups and downs of our own entrepreneurial culture can be unnerving! But is part of the journey.

  8. Hi Eleanor,

    Your reflections on core values and their relationship to personal and professional growth are insightful. It’s true that our upbringing, experiences, and surroundings shape our core values, which in turn guide our decisions and actions.

    Breaking through perceived limitations, such as the glass ceiling you mentioned in your life-by-design budget, requires introspection and courage. It’s commendable that you challenged yourself to reevaluate your financial goals in alignment with your values.

    The exercise you suggested to uncover one’s core values is valuable. Reflecting on what truly matters to us in various aspects of life can help us clarify our priorities and set meaningful goals.

    I look forward to the continuation of your exploration of core values and their impact on our lives. Dream big and be fearless indeed!

    Meredith Moore recently posted… How RSS Works and How It Can Benefit Your Affiliate Marketing BusinessMy Profile

  9. Eleanor, your blog posts are truly a delight to read. The way you encourage readers to reflect on various topics and issues is incredibly well executed. Earning and having money hold different meanings for different individuals. It’s a deeply personal experience, and there are no right or wrong answers. Some seek financial resources for a life of luxury, while others aspire to make a meaningful contribution to the world. I strongly believe that each of us needs to introspect to understand what having money would truly signify on an individual level. As always, I look forward to your very inciteful writings each week. Great job!

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