To Create your Life by Design – You have to Know Your WHY.

Why do you want an online business? and then  

to create a budget for that lifestyle, what does that new Life look and feel like? 


In a previous post, I worked on exercises my mentor Dean laid out in his book, The Iceberg Effect. 

  • Exercise 1. Dig Deep to discover why you want to develop an online business. And
  • Exercise 2. Put together a budget with no expenses spared of that vision. 

Exercise one is in a previous post, The Quest: The Vision, the Mission, the Purpose, and the Why.


The Process

 In that first exercise, each time I asked and answered the question with WHY. I uncovered a deeper layer of why. 

Finally, a wish emerges from the depths of my being…..

I want to make a difference! 

Make a Difference is the dream to develop a well-being retreat in Jamaica!

  • This exercise brings to the surface what may be a wish or a deep-seated desire.
  • Money is no object in this exercise, so it seemed a simple job, yet not. 
  • I noticed that I had a clearer picture of what I wanted than I thought.


The Life By Design Budget Experience

Knowing WHY you want an online business, and then creating a Life-by-design budget is to capture the motivation, the drive behind WHAT you do and HOW you do it.  

Dean acknowledges that he did not take the time to do these exercises, but in retrospect, he wished he had.  

 In our coaching and training session this week, we were given homework. To put together a budget for our daily lives. (will come back to this one at the end)

Knowing I had to create a budget, was difficult to get started, and even though it was what my dream life looked like, I still procrastinated.  

When you put your ideas/goals to paper the dynamics change.

I was finally able to sit down and focus, and after pressing forward to overcome my budget phobia, it turned into a wild adventure!!

The first step in creating a budget for this well-being and educational retreat in the Caribbean, I  began searching online for properties in Port Antonia and the Parish of Portland where my mom was born and grew up, but I have never visited.

I feel sad that I missed the opportunity to have traveled there with her.  


My Blue Mountains Well-Being Retreat 

The retreat is near or has a view of the Blue Mountains. 

I see myself in the early quiet morning, feeling a breeze, sitting on the verandah with a cup of Blue Mountain coffee…..

I found YouTube videos of driving through the Blue Mountains. It’s breathtaking.


I love the sea, especially in Jamaica.  but the retreat needs to be at least one acre nestled in the green.


 1. Below is a 5-acre plot in Portland for 350,000 USD.

So far there are houses with little land or land without a home or needs repair.   


2. The property below needs a lot of work and is on the market for 450,000 USD.  It is 1.8 acres but read the description below and look at the potential!

Nestled in the lush green paradise of San San, Portland is this incomplete boutique hotel of 15-20 rooms with lots of land for additional rooms. … with breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea, surrounded by a tropical bird sanctuary. It is prime for Eco-Tourism, a private retreat, or a beautiful residential home … The amenities within the area include San San beach, the Blue Lagoon, rafting on the Rio Grande, shopping, Boston Jerk Centre, and Health Centre, and only (15) minutes from the town of Port Antonio.”  

There are also farms at the top end of my imaginary budget of $3,000,000USD

Hope Bay

I am beginning to suspect why my middle name is Hope. 

It turns out that Hope is in Portland, that is

Hope Bay is in Portland. 

 3. Look at this property.  It is $166,351.00 with 5 Beds and 5 Baths.  This is the view.

Nestled along the riverfront, this residence offers a serene escape.”  


Nice size, read the description below. 


“Discover the perfect blend of nature in this 5-bed, 5-bath investment property. Nestled along the riverfront, this residence offers a serene escape… Immerse yourself in the scenic beauty of the river that gracefully runs through the front of the property, creating a unique and captivating atmosphere.


4. Also in Hope Bay, there is the HERMITAGE FARM for $95,809.85 which is an “exquisite beachfront property, nestled on a quarter-acre lot, is a haven of tranquility and natural splendor. Picture-perfect, it boasts a meandering stream flowing through its lush landscape, gracefully leading to a serene river that merges effortlessly with the azure Caribbean Sea. The enchanting Somerset Falls is only 1 minute away, and for the adventurous at heart, in 5 minutes you can be rafting on the majestic Rio Grande!

There does not seem to be any structure/house on the land nor is it as big as I had originally considered but it is in Hope Bay so at least it gives me a direction to go.

Lessons Learned

When the property description says ‘nestled‘, I’m all in!

We’re coming to the end of this part of the exercise.   It was a deceptively simple exercise, but it was also a journey.

Blindsided by the emotions that would come as a result of this process and I guess that is the purpose of this exercise. 

Taking the time to think deeply about what brings us joy, peace, happiness, and connection.

Memories In The Corners of My Mind

That was a lot to go through and I will need some time to process it but thinking of my mom and family, and those ancestors we have lost.  I wonder how we can honor their memory.

Much of our ancient rituals are gone, but now more than ever we need to recognize how important they were and each of us to each other.

Life Cycles

I think what is important is that each cycle in our lives needs to be acknowledged and valued. From birth, child, teenager, youth, young person, middle-aged, elders, and death.  

The passing of time and rites of passage allow us to appreciate the small steps we take.

This project will work towards becoming a well-being and educational retreat. This process will bring more memories of sadness and joy. All of this will help me to envision and create what our program will look like.


The Budgetary Needs

The retreat must feel spacious, with solitude, a forest, and near the sea.

I now understand the why of the location and where to house a retreat in the land of my mother in an area called Hope Bay.

I am getting an understanding of the numbers. The properties I am looking at range from $100,000 at a minimum to 1,000,000 dollars.

I have set 2 million to be at the top end of my budget.

 Life By Design and a Current Expenditures budget headings

I leave you with the budget headings that can be used with your Life By Design Budget and/or for your current monthly outgoings and expenditures. 

Leave out the headings that apply and add others that you may need. 

Dean’s budget headings for a Life By Design Experience are Mortgage/Rent, Car/Lease, Utilities, Insurance, Food, Travel, and Entertainment.

I also include Education, Clothing, and Miscellaneous.

The purpose of this exercise is to arrive at a specific monthly figure to work out your annual figure. That becomes the number you will focus on.

These headings can also be used for your current expenditures budget.  



Dream Big

Be Fearless. 


Please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you


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11 thoughts on “Life by Design – Know Your Why”
  1. I love this post, you really have created a clear WHY. Having such a detailed vision of your WHY is a great way to manifest your dreams into reality!!!! I am so inspired by the thought you have put into really defining your why; I know you are going to make this a reality!

  2. Hi, Eleanor!
    The pictures of Jamaica are beautiful! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you were, in-part, named after such a beautiful place?
    Congratulations on setting your budget. Not only do you have an idea of what you’re shooting for money-wise, but you also have some motivating visuals to keep you going. I love your imagining of having coffee on the verandah, feeling the breeze.
    Keep up those dreams, my friend! And, please, share!
    I’m enjoying your journey!

  3. Hi Eleanor,
    Loved this weeks blog entry! Gives even more strength to my “WHY”!
    When those around me start nagging about my “big dreams” I sometimes respond with a “so the way you’re thinking is the way to go? and what has THAT gotten you?”.
    My mother – whose wisdom was beyond even her realization – would admonish me when I was a kid and I was repeating what others were saying: “well, you can’t have everything in life”. She would turn me around, smile and would tell me: “Marc, never forget, you CAN have everything you want in life —- just not all at the same time!”.
    Wishing you everything you can dream of!

  4. Eleanor! I got carried away reading your blog! What a special and beautiful place! Did you travel recently to Jamaica? Where there is a will. There is a way. Period.

  5. Hi Eleanor,
    I felt so emotional reading this entry. it reminds me of those I have loved and lost in Cyprus where I was born. I also have roots in Ireland, but I never seem to get there.
    This is because I’m living my dream of owning a woodland retreat. it is an acre and a half and completely off-grid. When you visit, I will show you the technologies that can make your dreams a reality without costly real-estate.
    See you soon and keep the dreams alive XxxxxxxxxxX

  6. Hi Eleanor,
    The pictures of Jamaica remind me very much of where I live in Far north Queensland. I hadn’t realized they were so similar. Your dream of opening a well-being retreat is wonderful. I really hope you get to realize it. Putting down a budget on paper really puts into perspective what should be the purpose of our journey. I look forward to reading your next blog post. All the best.
    Andy Jacobs recently posted…Missing Post (But Making Good Now!)My Profile

  7. Hi Eleanor,
    These pictures are amazing! I would love to visit there one day. That’s one of my dreams is to visit many different places in the world. You can learn so much from traveling. One day I will!
    It is so hard to create your dream budget when at this point in our lives all we want is enough to pay our normal bills, and a little more to go on a trip or two. I struggled with mine when I first did it. I should try again and see how I do and what I come up with this time. Thank you for sharing your dreams with us. You WILL get there in time. 😉
    Meredith Moore recently posted…Building Trust and Interest: The Power of Free & Valuable Content in Email MarketingMy Profile

  8. What a nice and beautiful paradise. Near the Caribbean ocean as well! Those mountains are wonderful indeed. I wish you realize this objective. Because it’s clearly a wow. You got me to desire this as well, the only concern I have though, is the size of the spiders.😄 But I guess, I could surely bypass this fear.😁

  9. Wow, Eleanor… this post here is an exercise that my husband and I have done on many occasion, and I would undoubtedly tell that it’s an EXCELLENT exercise! I think to have a clear goal in mind, what you’re willing to work for, is a game changer. And you’ve done some incredible research here, I’m quite impressed.

  10. This is an incredible dream and one that really doesn’t seem out of reach when you think about what it would actually take. I can see how it would be emotional to go through this exercise, and how that can fuel you to do what needs to be done to achieve your dream. Thanks for sharing this, it’s encouraging.

  11. Wow! Your dream is stunning. WHEN you are settled in, I will 100% be a customer of yours.
    The scenery is stunning and I already feel calmer looking at the location.
    This will be a big project but I have every confidence that you’ll have this set up and running, and I will be following your journey throughout. Incredible.

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