How do you have confidence when you’re starting something new?

Affiliate Marketer, coach, and trainer, Dean Holland asks this question:

“Positive results certainly build confidence but how do you have confidence before having results?

There are aspects of a business that have to be done daily, weekly/ or monthly, etc.  In other words, you need a plan. (an outline of where you are and where you want to be).

A mentor/coach/training course can offer such a plan and if you’re really lucky – keep you accountable!

 Not only do you need a plan, but you also need self-belief and confidence to be persistent and consistent in what you say and do!

So how do you have self-belief when you’re starting something new?

Dean Holland says that,

Doing what you say you’re going to do, doing so consistently over a long duration is how you can create confidence in YOURSELF”

That is beautiful!!

Thinking of belief as a strong foundation on which confidence stands means that our confidence draws strength from our unwavering belief in our abilities and that belief grows from the consistency in what we do!

 So when I see self-belief as a spark igniting a powerful chain reaction when you believe in your capabilities, a train of positive thoughts and emotions will follow moving from fear to self-belief!

This is so critical for a mental shift that reshapes how we perceive challenges. Rather than viewing them as daunting obstacles, we start to see them as stepping stones toward growth.

Now I have a clear path and direction to achieve my goal.

I said I would create a blog and post weekly.  If I do what I say and do it persistently and consistently, my confidence and self-belief will grow.

As my confidence and self-belief grow, I will continue working weekly on my blog which will grow as I post And I’ll feel good because I did what I said I would do!!

This is a cyclical relationship in that it’s a win/win!

Thanks to my coach and mentor, you are my inspiration!

Do you see how doing a thing consistently builds self-confidence and self-belief?

I am stepping up one blog post at a time….

Please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.


4 thoughts on “Confidence & Self-Belief”
  1. Keeping the promises you make to yourself is absolutely vital for building self trust and start believing in yourself.
    You wouldn’t trust somebody who constantly broke their promises to you, you’d likely start to despise them.

    The exact same thing happens when you let yourself down again and again. You lose trust in yourself and start viewing yourself as untrustworthy.

    It’s easy to think that you are doing yourself a favor when you let yourself “off the hook”, but you’re really shooting youirself in the foot.

  2. We all start out with a commitment to achieve but the word commitment needs clarification.
    Long ago I heard it described as, “Doing what we siad we would do, long after the mood in which we said it has passed.”
    I always found that so powerful because most people build in an escape, “I’ll do it until…” I’ll give it my all unless…”
    There is no room for conditions in commitment, it is absolute; you are either commited or you are not and if you are then NOTHING can bar your way.
    God bless.

  3. Eleanor, Great Post! Doing what you say your going to do and doing it consistently will give you self-belief and confidence. Just keep keeping on! Look forward to your next post.

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