Clarity of Purpose in Business

To build an online business, clarity of purpose and self-belief reduces the fear of starting something new.

What is Life’s Purpose?



Not everyone believes in a life’s purpose some believe that just being is enough.

I will explore this further in later posts but for now, I want to examine how purpose, goals, plans, and why help to set a direction for whatever we want to achieve in life.

I aim to get clear on each of these areas as these are key areas in starting a business.

Knowing your why is creating a strong foundation as the road ahead will be difficult, so the why is the bridge to support you along the way.


Define Why You Want to Achieve Your Goal

So today, I want to focus on why I want to build an online business.

For several years, I have tried various ways to make an income online and for different reasons have not been successful.

I became discouraged and even cynical and believed that it was not possible. And even if it was possible, it was not possible for me.



I have not completely given up on that belief, so I have named my blog, feeling the fear, knowing that this feeling will come up time and time again but I have to press forward despite that as I know I must push through fear and not allow myself to get distracted.

To do that I will need to dig deep and explore those feelings and beliefs that are no longer useful to me. So that I can have clarity of purpose, goals, plans, and why I want to do this thing.

I have come to accept that although there are many reasons for my failures, the main one that I have finally come to accept is that although I can point to many issues, the common denominator is me.

Sure, I could talk about products that I purchased to help me build an online business that did not live up to the promises they made.  

I am sure many people trying to build a business online will have had that problem.

Now although that is true, I still did learn a lot from making those mistakes!!

So I have come to accept that it was part of my journey, and I hope in this blog I can help other people avoid those same errors.

My Purpose, Mission, and Goal

Now I am getting clear on my purpose and my WHY!!

I want to build an online business to help others do the same learning from my mistakes!

I will continue to work on and get clear on why creating a business is so important to me.

Are you wanting to start your own online business?

Are you clear on why you want to?


Please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.


43 thoughts on “Clarity of Purpose”
  1. Hi Eleonor,
    It’s inspiring to see your journey unfold, and your acceptance of past experiences is truly commendable. Clarifying your purpose and understanding your “WHY” is a powerful step. Building an online business to help others learn from your mistakes is a noble mission, and I believe your insights will be invaluable to many. Keep working on defining why creating this business is important to you – it’s a crucial aspect of staying motivated and focused on your goals. Best of luck on your continued journey!

    1. Ezequiel,
      You are a mind reader! This exactly what I’ve been thinking about since this journey started as I agree 100% what you’ve said ‘Clarifying your purpose and understanding your “WHY” is a powerful step’.

  2. Hi Eleanor, what a wonderful dive into the source of your WHY. Keeping your clarity and feeling your fear but moving forward despite it will serve you well in your journey through this program and beyond. Stay connected and I wish you great success!

  3. Hello Eleanor, I strongly believe our ” Why” is probably the most powerful thing in our arsenal to combat fear. It is the big picture of where we want to be in life, and fear is just a self-made obstacle that wants to stand in the way of reaching our “Why”, If we Truley believe in our “Why” then we will conquer our fears. Look forward to your next post.

  4. Eleanor,

    This one of my favorite quote on fear. Perhaps it will provide you with the courage that it helps me with.
    I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

    ~Nelson Mandela


  5. Eleanor,
    I loved your blog! I can relate with you so much. Yes, I believe we all feel that fear as we go on this journey. We must keep our WHY in front of us, so that we do not get frustrated and give up! Good luck on your journey!

  6. Thank you Eleanor, Feel the fear, but do it anyway.
    I applaud your courage. Your determination to pursue that online business dream.
    We are sometimes our worst enemies. And we are the easiest to lie to.
    Fabulous reason why. Building an online business, helping others do the same and all despite fears. I am with you.

  7. Eleanor,
    Starting an online business and facing setbacks can indeed be disheartening. The fear that creeps in after experiencing failure is something many of us can relate to—the fear of giving it another shot. But the fact that you’ve discovered your “Why” is like having a powerful catapult propelling you toward success. I’m genuinely excited to be part of your journey and witness your progress!

  8. Hi Eleanor,
    I believe many people have fears in this business. We often have fears of failure, but some also have fear of success. We must remember that within each fear lies that glimmer of hope to change an outlook with a change of mindset. Remember that they are only failures when you choose to quit. Otherwise, they are learning curves to place us on the right track.
    All the best!
    Milissa Neirotti

  9. Brilliant. We all feel the fear, we just have to believe in ourselves and reach out of you need help. The mentors are brilliant and really understanding.
    I started with fear, and it certainly hasn’t gone away but I’d rather feel the fear and succeed than look back and have regret. If we let fear win, we wouldn’t achieve anything or go anywhere.

    Best of luck with your journey. I’m excited to see how you get on.

  10. Eleanor, that was a really heartfelt blog, and I can feel, how you are feeling in your words. Fear is something that we all feel in varying degrees and what makes the difference is how we let it affect us and what you do about it. If you just accept that there will be times when you’re scared and fearful that’s fine it will happen but the key is the reaction. You can choose to ignore it completely and carry on, you can think it through extract lessons from it makes some adjustments and then carry on, you can maybe write the fears down that you have, and for each one come up with a counter-fear, something you can do that Will Not let you get caught up in this one. The other thing you can do is what you shouldn’t do is let that fear consume you and control you. If you let that happen then you won’t be in control and you will go in the wrong direction. Remember fear is not real, it hasn’t happened it’s your thoughts and worries of what might happen. So if you can control something or change something then change it if you can’t then leave it alone. I’m quite religious and my faith in Allah, keeps me very grounded and it has taken me time to learn that he has a plan for all of us and it will happen as long as we have patience and we do the right thing. I wish you all the success in your business, and I look forward to hearing what you do next. . Thanks, Atif

  11. Brava, Eleanor! I’ve heard that you must work on yourself to make owning a business work. I started my online business in Jan 2023, and I am surprised by how much I have learned about myself and found how I need to grow to meet the challenges I face as I grow my business. My mentor says you first have to work on yourself, and when you’ve got that going, the business will click and take off. I can see how he’s right. I need to have the right mindset and grit to be successful. The trick is to act on the business plan, and I’ll resolve the challenges unique to me in the process. I’m cheering for you!

  12. Well done! Until we accept responsibility for who and where we are there can be no path to making the changes that we desire.
    The past cannot be changed, we should learn from it but never allow it to control our present. We are not who we were – we are always who we are and that will determine who we become.
    Live to the full in the present and the future is assured.
    God bless.

  13. I love the name of your blog, “Feeling The Fear”, but doing it anyway.

    I love the fact that even when you feel the fear, you are willing to step up and step out.

    I congratulate you for taking the first step. I wish you will have a great and successful year in 2024.

  14. Hi Eleanor,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts about your struggles with affiliate marketing. I can definitely relate to that feeling of : ” Even if it does work, it wasn’t meant to work for me”.
    But even with that feeling included, I’m still trying, just like you.
    There are courses out there that are not great. I believe many of them are from well intended coaches, but their product its not necessarily the best.
    I look forward to you next posts!


  15. Well done Eleanor for having the courage to explain your WHY. We can all share in your frustration with other products that did not deliver or failed in their promise of success. Valuable lessons are to be learned but what you are embarking on now is the best chance for financial success in the affiliate marketing world. Good luck and I look forward to following your progress.

  16. Hi Eleonor
    Fear is a common factor for anyone starting something new. However, as someone wisely said, “Fear is a Faulty Expectation Appearing Real.” Therefore, focus on your journey, one step at a time, and fear will dissipate. I wish you all the best in your journey.

  17. Eleanor,
    Thanks for your post, I’m glad you have gotten your Why nailed down. I find it to be a moving target that I’m trying to nail down. Look forward to your next post.

  18. Eleanor, thank you so much for being vulnerable and sharing this. I can totally relate; I also go to the dark side and know that a lot of my attempts and failures are because of me! I commend you for recognizing this and taking the steps to overcome it and persevere!

  19. Your blog mirrors my feelings almost perfectly. How do we get so self limiting? Anyway, one of my favorite sayings is, “courage is being afraid and saddling up anyway”. I am a horseperson, and I cannot tell you how many times I have gotten on a horse with a bit of fear in my gut. Most of my rides were successful, and the ones that weren’t, well, just say I learned a lot from them.
    Keep up the good work and I look forward to your next post!

    1. Hi Kae,
      I understand that working with and riding horses is amazing for promoting positive well-being.
      I would love to try but you guessed it – I have some fear around it as they look sooo big!
      But I feel your favorite saying, “courage is being afraid and saddling up anyway”.
      Perhaps one day!!

  20. Hey Eleanor,
    There are so many pitfalls in this industry that it is really comforting that people like you want to take the lead and light up our way to success. To make it through this jungle, no doubt our core reason, our “WHY”, is the fuel that helps us to get there. Thank you Eleanor!

  21. Hey Eleanor, Great read!. I could resonate with everything in your post.
    What I love is that you now have clarity for yourself and that despite the fear you feel you are doing it anyway!
    Huge ups to you, fear can hold us back so much, debilitatingly so if we allow it.
    The struggle is real lol and one we all feel no matter what stage we are at.
    My plan of attack is to place my concentration on improving my mindset, to build it strong and from a growth perspective in the hope that will at the very least turn the volume down and at best mute it!
    I wish you every success Eleanor and I look forward to revisiting to watch and support your growth.

  22. Eleanor, this sounds like you’re getting ready to start sharing a very interesting story. I’m really excited to tune in and follow more!

    1. Hi Lauren, I am surprised that I am enjoying this process, after putting it off for so long.
      I thought it would feel like work!! It doesn’t. I am just as curious as to where this journey takes me. Thanks for stopping by.

  23. Hi Eleanor,
    Fear is definitely one of the biggest set backs of becoming successful in business. As you discovered your WHY it is so powerful. I’ve had to remind myself of my why many times to get past fears. look forward to your next posts!

  24. Hi Eleanor

    I think not having a significantly important enough ‘why’ is a large reason they I have not been consistent in my online business, it was just not that important. Now I have a very clear why (I need to fund the building of my house) I am laser focused on getting results.

    Make sure you focus in on what your Why really means to you.

    All the best

  25. Eleanor, You are not alone! So many of us have been burned by HUGE promises, only to realize the promises were not true, or were misleading in some fashion. I can assure you that part of your Journey has led you to where you are today. Sometimes I use my failures to measure my success… sounds funny at first, but it lets you see just how far you have come… Keep pushing forward, your in GREAT hands!

    1. Hi David, I am keeping a record of daily successes, as doing great now; but am sure there will be days ahead when it will be a struggle. But I intend to push through!

      Thanks for your encouragement.

  26. I so resonate with this. I have like you been trying to earn money online, but never really made it, at least very far from what I wanted to achieve.

    And you’re absolutely right. It’s not about getting rid of the fear of not being good enough to succeed, it’s about taking action from that fear and allowing it to propel yopu forward.

    Thanks for your sharing!

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