I had difficulty ‘finding the time to work’ mindset this week as I traveled to London and spent a week there. (4 hours there and back).

It threw my schedule off so I was juggling more than I was used to, but…

I am still in a good frame of mind.

Because I will continue to do what I can and then in the next week or so, I will catch up.

To fulfill my commitment of at least one post per week, this is a brief post about what I thought and experienced this week



In the Beginner’s Affiliate training and coaching program, I was able to attend the second half of a special Virtual event yesterday.

I am inspired to say that having coaching, training, and a system is the winning combination for creating a frictionless online business.

I must shout out to an amazing coach, Dean Holland.

Having a coach keeps you laser-focused on your mission.

I was reminded that although I have some bad habits that get in the way, I also have good habits that allow me to get work done.

Being mindful of small wins is part and core of that process.

Be focused on tailoring your goal so that it’s not too big to overwhelm you and stop you in your tracks before you get started.


Training teaches you the skills to build your online business. Rinse and repeat till you are so comfortable with what you’re learning, you can explain it to someone else.


Here I am thinking of two types of systems, both important.

One is a step-by-step plan to reach your goal.

The other is our Affiliate System, a SAAS system (Software as a Service)

Now I have everything I need all in one place to build my online biz.

It’s All in the Mind

These three areas: coaching, training, and system are all external to me.

The part where I can care for and work most diligently is within, my mindset.

This is the aspect that I can most control; myself.

I take responsibility and am accountable for what I say, think, and do.

Feeling Fearless,


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17 thoughts on “Mind+Coaching+Training+System: A Winning Combo”
  1. Hi Eleanor,
    Thank you for sharing your experience. Juggling with multiple things in life while training in affiliate marketing can be challenging. I can defenetely relate to that as well. Keep at it my friend. Hopefully we’ll get success in this industry very near.

  2. Hi Eleanor,
    What a great post! You basically listed the recipe for success and you’re working it!
    I understand set backs come, but you have it under control it seems. You have a plan to get ahead!
    Keep building your mind muscles “Fearless One”, power to you!

  3. I know we are supposed to go at our own pace even as tech challenges trip me up. But technology is for me the one thing that summons my worst fear (of failure). So I am grateful for it. Recognizing my limitations and fears is an excellent exercise in self awareness.

  4. Eleanor
    Greetings from Phoenix Arizona.
    I especially liked your comments on trying to juggle aspects of your life. I too am trying to catch up on building my blog. I have just finished week three. Whew! I am one of those 3% that everything went wrong on my blog transfer. Thankfully Chris and Chat support got me on the right track. Hope to make first real post today or tomorrow.


  5. Eleanor,
    High fives to you for being in tune with your mindset! I love that you acknowledge being a bit behind but are all about catching up—now that’s the spirit! Having a top-notch coach like Dean is a game-changer for success. And with a step-by-step plan, the Affiliate system software, and that right-on mindset, you’ve got a surefire recipe for success cooking up. Can’t wait for your next post

  6. Good post, Eleanor. You managed to fit a lot of useful information into a relatively short post. As you rightly say learning the intricacies of AS is very time-consuming and we all have to cram a lot into whatever time we have available. Although your post was short, thus saving your time writing it and our time reading it, it was nonetheless thought-provoking and inciteful.

  7. Great post! Mindset is the key for me. Staying away from negative self-talk and spending time wisely will great help me, and others, achieve success. I appreciate your thoughts!

  8. Hey Eleanor, Thank you for your post, I can relate. I think your mindset is good. You acknowledged that you were juggling more than you are used to and while you have not done as much as you wanted to, you continued to do what you could and that is awesome, you still achieved things and that is the main thing. We will have weeks like that, such is life huh. I have the same struggle each week to be honest but I just keep getting done what I can and I keep moving.
    I also love that you acknowledge that you have bad habits because we all do but that you have good habits too, ones that allow you to get work done, a great balanced view! 😊 I like it!
    I look forward to visiting your blog again to read your future posts

  9. Hi Eleanor, nicely done, positive mindset and a plan, your on the right track to reach your goals and more. Best of luck and have a wonderful week.
    PS I seen SAAS today and could not figure out what it meant, I guess you answered that so thank you.

    Jon Bowman

  10. Hi Eleanor, a coach is obviously a must have when growing a business like this. What you described above is really impressive, both your training and the Affiliate System itself. Imagine having to figure all that by yourself! For me “myself” is the part I found difficult to control. I’m often fighting to commit to my business tasks and to get the mindset at the right place 😏. Well, I liked your post and look forward for next one!

  11. Eleanor, very clear message from you in this blog. It’s okay if we are busy and you’re unable to do things but as long as you make a plan it’s okay. I find making a list on my phone Notes app really helps, as you remember things, you just write it down as something to do. At the end of the day before bed you can just go through that list take off what you’ve done and move the other things into tomorrow. As long as you have a plan to keep coming back to it, it’s okay for things to move around. Thanks so much. Have a great week until next time, thanks, Atif

  12. Nice post, Eleanor. I agree with you about the importance of coaching! A good way to succeed is to learn from someone who has already achieved what you’re aspiring to do!

  13. Hello Eleanor,
    I liked how you broke it all down. Mindset is where we all need to focus.
    Enjoy your time in London.
    Can’t wait to read your next post

  14. Eleanor, congratulations on taking responsibility for your mindset. This is a concept new to me.
    I’ve started writing down what I’ve done well at the end of the day. It helps me refocus on my accomplishments and take stock of what’s next while still celebrating what I’ve done daily. It gives a more positive mindest – focusing on my progress rather than expecting me to be so many steps ahead of where I am.
    Best wishes for your progress in the week to come! We’ve got this!

  15. Hi Eleanor
    I like the way you have identified some of the essential steps towards an Internet marketing business.
    In particular in my case apart from the mindset the fact that I have found a community of people that encourage me onto the right track I am excited about the affiliate system we are pursuing.

  16. Eleanor, I agree 100% with your statements. It’s about mindset
    and action. But never forget at the end of the day ask yourself
    just one question. Did I finish my daily written tasks, i.e. Yes or No?
    If no, why?
    Review and write down your to-do-list at night and review it in the morning.
    It’s called Time Management try it for a week. That said, I like your high energy level.

  17. Hi Eleanor,
    I really like the way you have laid this out. I identify with the finding the time part in a huge way. Part of my procrastination for sure. Been down a few rabbit holes even today!
    Again, love the set up and keep up the good work!

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